A horror/suspense choose-your-own-adventure game. It does not store information (so don't worry!) and it will make you uncomfortable.

And uh, maybe be comfy with a bit of gore?

Updated 7 days ago
AuthorBone Octopus
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsHalloween, Horror, Singleplayer, suspense, Text based, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes


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Played four times. I finally didn't die. Great game!!

Ha! That's honestly a huge accomplishment XD Thank you!!!!


Fun! I appreciate how many different endings there are, and it's quick and easy to replay. You should definitely experiment with adding sound for extra atmosphere~.

(As it turns out, I'm pretty well-prepared for a cult attack. Successfully joined the cult on my first run and killed the guy on the second.)

Oh my gosh yes. There's still stuff I wanna do with this game, and atmosphere is definitely on my list. (There's also a romantic ending I want the screen to slowly change from black to pink for... lol)

(Those are super good run-throughs then! Most people get killed one way or another XD )


Pretty fun, I enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much!


I just made an account to comment on this because of how much I love it. It managed to inspire dread in me really well, and the concept of it is super cool and I am really interested in the universe it occurs in! Unfortunately I am finding that so far I am skilled at getting murdered and nothing else.  Allswell, it just gives me an excuse to play again! (and maybe not get axed this time around.) 


oh my gosh! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! And yeah, oof, getting axed in the stomach is a pretty rough ending 😅

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I would love to play some extended lore from this, partly because I'm not sure I trust that good ending (the police station)


Especially after how easily you're released in the other two that end there


I actually do have plans to make more in this series! In a cult town, I think it's pretty valid not to trust the police ;)


This is pretty fun! However there is a glitch where the you see the mirrored pamphlet there is no way to continue. Other than that the this is a really good C.Y.O.A game!

Thank you so much for telling me! I fixed the bug :)


Hello Bone Octopus, 

I really enjoyed the game, thanks for it. 

But I think I stumbled into a bug its on the page with the mirrored pamphlet. After He asked whats wrong with it, there is no way to proceed. I checked the code, to see if I missed something, but I don't think so.  Not an expert though.

(It would be at pid 30  or "No way in Hell!"")

Tested on firefox and chrome.

Ah yes! Thank you so much for pointing that out! I have it fixed now :)


really liked this game!


Thank you so much!

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Its great I love it! Also i always fail to press the kiss or stab button >~< my reflexes suck

Thank you so much! Yeah, I don't always manage to press them either lmao

We has a pretty awesome time toying around with your game!!!! I hope others play this, it's truly underrated. 


Oh my gosh, this was a delight to watch! I was grinning like a madman the entire time because I knew what was coming XD I'm so glad you guys liked it! There really are a lot of endings lol You can actually kill the cultist in one!


Great stuff!  Love it!

Thank you!


Great game!