A horror spoof about working retail, and crappy customers.

AuthorBone Octopus
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Comedy, Horror, spoof
Average sessionA few minutes


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I love this game !! I expected a ghost or something to be at the end but no,, it was much scarier.

Ha! Thanks! Nothing is scarier than customers


Played this as well, and had a good laugh about it. Truly, nothing is as terrifying as retail. :) 

AHhh! Thank you! (sorry for the delayed response, things have been-- well, as things are, I suppose!) The relevance of this game just increases as time goes on lol


Good job.  Needs more disinfectant.



GOD THIS IS SO GOOD!!! I work retail as a holiday job and GOD this is accurate, the union text on the bones got a laugh out of me and the customers response was so accurate... extremely painful, 11/10

THANK YOU! I work retail too, only we don't even HAVE a back, yet customers still insist XD