Sergey Ushanka is a true modern marvel! A wild card! A treasure trove!

Entirely based off episode 65 of The Magnus Archives, "Binary". You can find the podcast here, here, and here. I don't own it and consider this work transformative, but if someone from rustyquill wants it down, I'll oblige.

This is still in development,  so do let me know if you encounter any bugs. Enjoy!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorBone Octopus
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsCreepy, Horror, paranormal, Short, Singleplayer, Twine


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hey! ive played this once, but upon trying to play it again it just shows the final card of what i assume to be a text art of sergei? any help on fixing this, or moving on from here?

EDIT: ive also tried deleting my history and cache?

Yeah so that's kind of a weird Twine bug I've run into before, too. Unfortunately, the only way I know of around it is to reopen the game in an incognito tab 😬


As always, we loved playing your game. :) Merry Christmas, and The Screaming Closet hopes to see more of you in the new year. Feel free to let us know when you put something new up! You can bet we'll play it. Thanks again! 


As always I LOVED watching you guys play through the game! Also the Fluttershy in the corner was so cute XD Merry Christmas to you guys as well! I'll be putting up a demo here soon for a full game I'm working on called "There's An Asteroid Coming!" so keep an eye out for that :D Thank you guys for your continued support, I really can't express how much it means to me <3


the angles cut me when i try to think


it feels like thinking through cheese wire